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Маюрасана в лотосе

Tatiana Marina was born in 1947 (70 years old). Yoga Terapist since 1997, founder of yoga schools in Russia and Kazakstan, instructor of mountaineering. Now based in Pokhara, Nepal yogatherapy camp.

Direction: Patañjali classical yoga, yoga therapy, recovery and strengthening of the body via yoga.

I practice the following techniques of yoga: meditation, breathing, asanas elements – from the early ’70s; and asanas – from 1991. 

I never was flexible person and at first half of my life had a serious set of diseases (rheumatism, heart defect, injured spine, low back pain, a sick liver and stomach). I gave a birth to my first child in 1969 in spite of the bans of the doctors. To improve my health after this, I started to do yoga. Those days it was very difficult because of the lack relevant literature. I researched any accessible books and articles, including unpublished ones because of the Soviet censorship. The main books for me were “Light on Yoga” of B. K. S. Iyengar, Svāmī Svātmārāma, and Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali.

I began to develop breathing practice much earlier than do asanas. The breathing practice helped me to cope with a heart disease. I started to hike to the mountains. As a head of the of a mountain tourism section in the ’80s, I have noticed how people could vary their behavior in extreme situations, and how not easy conditions in such hikes could influence physical and psychological state of the people. These skills became to be very important to me in my practice of yoga therapy. The maximum effect of the treatment could be achieved in the mountains.

Yoga-camps in Russia and Nepal

In the early ‘90s, I became a vegetarian. At this time, I have first met Indian yoga therapists in Tashkent, and have begun to explore asanas more seriously. In 1997, I began working as a yoga therapist in a mountain resort in Almaty. In 2009 was studying in the Institute of Iyengar in Pune.

In the ‘90s, except of yoga asanas I practiced fasting, enemas, phytotherapy, massage. However, any method should be improved with time, so all unnecessary things had gone. I have been studying yoga for over 40 years. I am still continuing to discover the new abilities of a human body. Now it’s absolutely clear for me that only the complete principles of perfect yoga, used in personal care, can give a person the opportunity to change his state. To achieve a result you need only time, patience, and a firm intention to become healthy. So the main point of my therapy is to follow the principles of perfect yoga without any interpretations and retreats.

In my blog I write about my work, about the difficulties I and my patients faced on with, about theirs psychological barriers, about physical diseases of my patients and how this diseases had been won. I hope these stories will be an inspiration to someone. The miracles happen every moment in our world. To become healthy, you just need to make such decision and act!

The results of yoga therapy

Now I can definitely say that there are no the incurable diseases. Moreover, there is no need to use medicine to win the disease. Any interventions in the processes of a human body except its own efforts are not needed.

Yoga therapy makes a person alive, turns on our system recovery, including internal forces, which has always been and there is a huge potential to cope with any disease. It is a miracle; it was given to us at birth. We just forget about it.

I am not going to give you a magic pill or potion. I will not prescribe you a bed rest. I would rather say the opposite: you should throw out all your medicines and take care yourself from morning until evening every day, do exercises a minimum 6 hours per day, hike, lead active and mobile lifestyle, follow the diet and feel optimistic. In the my method it is very important to follow a special vegetarian diet without salt, sugar, flour, and in some cases, the raw food diet and juice therapy can be prescribed.

I describe in my blog positive results of yoga therapy have been confirmed by official medicine. In this article, I will just list the diseases, which we (I and my patients) had managed to win or to achieve significant success:

obesity, hypertension, hypotension, arthritis, arthritis, asthma, varicose veins, diseases of the spine (curvature, protrusion, disc herniation, injury with paralysis of the extremities, low back pain, etc..), stroke, neurological disorders, hormonal disorders, weakened immunity, chronic fatigue, infertility, depression, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, allergies, psoriasis, digestive problems, liver trouble, diabetes and etc.

Yoga-Therapy. About my technique

My technique is based on the principal of treatment the causes of the illnesses. I use the symptoms only for diagnostic, because it is absolutely ineffective to treat them.

Basing on the results of my work, I can say for sure that the positive results and a full recovery is possible even with a diagnosis of ALS. To get out of a wheelchair after an injury is possible. It takes a lot of time and hard work, and I will help you. If you have any of these serious problems and are ready to work hard, fell free to contact me. I have prepared a special discount for you. However, remember that it is going to be a hard work during at least 3-6 months.

If you have any questions about my technique or practice, welcome to contact me:

Skype: t.yogatherapy
Facebook Page: facebook.com/yogatherapyst