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Daniel is 13 years old boy. In October 2010, he fell on his back was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “compression fracture of the spine.” It was identified via X-ray that the three thoracic vertebra has been damaged. In fact, it is a quite common injury, which can get not enough attention and can cause quite serious effects.

Daniel has got a prescription to wear a corset all the time and to stay studying at home. To sit and to do sport was forbidden for him for six months. His parents ordered a corset but Daniel has never put on.

He was passing my “Detox” course for a few months. His mom got my recommendations by the phone and started to do yoga with him already in November. We were in touch via the phone until mid-February 2011.

I began the therapy with the diagnostics of Daniel’s hip joints. There are a lot of people who are sitting in front a computer for long periods that can cause the problems with a joint mobility. Daniel’s hip joints lost theirs mobility, as much as, conducting paschimottanasana, he could not bend over to his feet. Firstly, he could not bend down with a straight back.

In case of such injury, it is dangerous to bend back in a sitting position. The hip joints don’t let the spine to become straight, which is a crux of the matter. Therefore, we started to develop the hip joints, which was hard and unusual for the child.

There were the first results after one month of the therapy. Daniel became stronger and more flexible.

When he came back to Russia, X-rays research of his spine showed that the damaged vertebrae had recovered.