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Natalia, 42 year old, came to me with the diagnosis — malignant tumor of a mammary gland. The diagnosis was remove after treatment.

Tatyana, 49 years old, came to me after surgery to remove breast cancer and axillary node due to diagnosis a cancer of a mammary gland. The diagnosis was remove.

The purpose of my stories are to inspire you and to show that these diseases can be cured, and the methods of treatment depends on you only. I ask everybody who reads my blog not to consider these stories to be the only possible guide to action. Everybody is individual.

Diagnosis is a malignant tumor of a mammary gland

Natalia, 42nd years old was overweighted. She started to lose her weight and it became lower than normal after one year. She felt fatigue and weakness constantly. Natalia’s occupation is a doctor. She works in a first-aid post of educational institution. During the vaccination of the students she felt more tired and weak. It could mean that contact with drugs harmed her.

First of all, it was necessary to develop a nutrition program for Natalia and to decide if it make a sense to continue working in a first-aid post. Natalia has married and has got 2 daughters. The younger one – Alena, is 14 years old, the older one – Tatyana, is 19 years old and it lives in Krasnodar territory with her husband and grandmother.

I visited family of Natasha, after short discussion, we decided that everybody in the family would eat vegetarian meal without salt, without bakery and milk foods. As to Natalia, she began to drink 1 liter carrot juice in a day. Besides, it was decided that she needed to stop working.
It was on November 3, 2003.

After 2 weeks, the patient started to drink the vegetable juice only: 2 liters of carrot juice and 1 liter of cabbage juice in a day.

She went on to grow thin but has become more vigorous by the end of November. She could do household chores for a long time and not to get tired. Natalia continued to do yoga in my fitness center. I started to teach her as yoga instructor to give her a possibility to get a good job in a future.

I came to visit my patient to her house on December 31. I have got unsalted, but very tasty treat. Everybody drank the tea except Natasha, she drank juice. She became very thin by this time, but looked better and younger, her mood was absolutely New Year’s.

After then we had a short talk about her disease that began to decline.

After call to a door the oldest the daughter appeared on the threshold of the house — Tanya stout but lovely girl. «Mum, what had happened with you, are you ill?» — she exclaimed. Mum have calmed her and Tanya leaded mum downstairs. She said that there was a surprise. I followed them. Nataha’s mum was waiting for them near the doorway, it was heavy woman heavy woman at the age of 69 years.

In January Natasha called and told me that the her daughter and mum started to follow the diet and decided to visit yoga classes. I was very happy for Natasha that her family accepted her new lifestyle and her weight loss.

In the middle of January she started to eat raw food in addition to juices, in March boiled food were added to her ration: soups, porridges, ragout gradually.

In April the new tests were conducted and the diagnosis was not confirmed. Natasha’s lymph nodes were cured.

Next time I met Natasha in September, it was slim, beautiful woman with strong muscles without any symptoms of illness. While she was living in the country she used to ate eco natural products and practiced the yoga.

Then she became yoga instructor, went with us to the mountains of Almaty on “Detoks”. Now she is completely healthy.

The diagnosis was removed.

One more woman appealed to me for help in the same small town near Astana.

After surgery to remove breast cancer and axillary node due to diagnosis a cancer of a mammary gland

Tatyana, 49 years old. Tatiana followed the same course of treatment as Natalia did. In addition she refused to undergo chemotherapy.

In two months she started to gain muscle mass which was decreased because of the surgery. In one and half an year the oncologist recognized her fully recovered. She is still doing yoga.

Both these women can afford some delicious during the festive diner, but they eat only vegetarian food salt and flour.

One more woman with the same diagnosis couldn’t stop smoking and eating unhealthy food. The refusal of bad habits can be impossible for some of us. So, it is also human choice.

As illness first of all affects human’s mental statement therefore except the diet changes my “Detoks” program includes lots of actions to improve either physical, or psychological statement. The best way to succeed in the treatment is to carry out “Detoks” program in the country far from the common surroundings.