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Йога для пожилых в ТаиландеLyudmila, 55 years old, 2 months on the “Detox” course

Lyudmila’s problems at the beginning of the course were dystonia, depression, neurosis. She had panic attacks insomnia every night, arrhythmia, unstable blood pressure, tearfulness, anxiety. She took the antidepressants.

She describes her health condition at the end of the course below:

I followed a raw food diet for just about 1 month. 

1. I lost 8 kg. The swelling has gone. I feel myself very ease.

2. I stopped crying, my nervous system restored.

3. The most important thing is that I refused from antidepressants from the first day of my staying in the camp. From this day, I have never taken it and I am not going to take it again. First time I had a strong desire to start taking the tablets, but the yoga techniques helped me to cope with a bad feeling even at nights.

4. Blood pressure and pulse normalized.

Before I came to the “Detox” course I knew nothing about yoga and did not do yoga. For 2 months of the course (6 hours of yoga exercise per day), I reviewed my attitude toward my diet and lifestyle. I rejected completely form animal protein and salt. I became calmer and more confident. A desire to continue such lifestyle appeared. Now I can practice yoga myself in a relaxing home environment.

Of course, I am very satisfied, almost healthy, in a good mood. I learned how to practice yoga without assistance. Thank you very much.

Thailand, Pattaya, June 2013