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I started to work carefully on this diagnosis on late 90th in the resort in Almaty’s mountains. Now I can confidently say that multiple sclerosis is curable disease. Moreover, the human body is able to cope with it without using medicaments. There is no need to interfere in the body’s work. The strength of will and physical efforts only are needed. There is a huge potential in human body that is able to cope with almost any disease.

My basic methods of treatment are a special vegetarian diet, yoga practice (asanas, meditation, pranayama, mudras), sunlight and other natural factors. 

Those days I had lots patients with multiple sclerosis. All of them had not only stop in the progressing of the disease but noticeable improvement. The problem is that this illness demands a long period of treatment. The optimal period for the first time of the treatment is 3 months, although improvements can be achieved in first 15-30 days of the course.

There are 2 ways of treatment of multiple sclerosis. The first one is to postpone a disease exacerbation that can be unpredictable. The second way is a total regeneration of the immune system and reproduction of myelin by the body’s cells themselves that means a full recovery.

There are 2 cases from my practical work. They are different and describes the ways of treatment of this illness clearly.

Svetlana, 30 years old, multiple sclerosis. 1998.

I visited Svetlana at the instance of her parents. I have met a pale and feeble girl lying on the bed. It was very hard for her to get up. She could reach the bathroom with the help of her parents only keeping the wall. She had muscle weakness, instability. She was depressed. Her diagnosis was multiple sclerosis.

In autumn 1998, Svetlana arrived to Almaty from Astana to visit 28-days Detox program, what took place in Butakovsky gorge in a small suburban settlement. That time I was practicing courses of starvation, but Svetlana was starving not for a long time, only one week, then she started to follow vegetarian diet.

Everybody was practicing yoga in the class from early morning until afternoon. Svetlana could just craw on all fours, adding the circles by strengthening the muscles. She went for a walk with our help after diner but was absolutely indifferent, didn’t show enough enthusiasm needed for the recovery.

Soon she was able to walk without our help with a stick in the yard. She started to practice breathing and meditation exercises from the first day, the asanas –from the 10th day. Her muscles were becoming stronger very slowly, some of them were like a jelly, and others were under spasms. Because of the lack of the strength in muscles, she could not move a lot and to keep definite body positions.

One month later Svetlana could walk with a stick not only on the yard but also on mountain’s trails. She became tired not so fast. She started to practice some asanas including some vertical. She decided to stay in the camp 20 days more. She started to take a part in evening events with other patients: sang songs near the campfire, played different social games. She began to take interest in life.

She started to feel herself more confident during the walks. She was dining longer than others were because chewing very carefully.

She went back home, achieved good but not enough results. I advised her to continue following diet, practicing breathing exercises and postures and recommended her to read some literature on yoga subject.

In summer 1999, Svetlana came to “Detox” program in Borovoe. She became stronger and more confident. She could do more difficult asanas, headstand, began jogging. However, her gait was still unsteady.

Next time I met with Svetlana in April 2004 on the regularly “Detox” in Almaty. She has been working hard at home since our last meeting.

I was amazed by the changes that have happened in her appearance. I couldn’t recognize Svetlana in a girl with camera walking along the mountain trails.

Instead of person who was afraid of doing everything: walk, sit, eat, sleep, I have seen slim confident girl with a strong voice. I couldn’t help noticing her aspiration for active life (on last Detox we could not make her walk near the camp).

She continued to study theory and practice of yoga. It has become her passion. The diagnosis of «multiple sclerosis» was removed.

Oleg, 36 years old, multiple sclerosis, Almaty. The end of 1998

I had next detox course in the foothills near Almaty. The friends of Oleg asked me to visit him at his home and find out if it’s possible to help him.

When I came into Oleg’s apartment, I was shocked by putrid smell.

Oleg’s mother was a doctor. She offered me to follow her to his room and showed me pressure ulcers on his back. The muscles near the coccyx were decomposed, I could see the bare bones through the muscular tissue.

Oleg’s level of health was deplorable. He had a high temperature about 40 degrees above the zero. His mother injected him Gentamicin every 6 hours to subdue a fever.

She fed him with broth with large fat content and meat to «re-established decayed pieces of muscle» as she said. I asked his mother to leave us alone for conversation. I told him that he urgently needed to replace meat in his diet with vegetable juices and explained why.

Ex-flight attendant well-educated man understood me and agreed to follow my program. He spoke with his mother and the issue was decided.

I wrote for Oleg a menu of vegetable juices, advised to put under him a panicum mattress and came back to my mountain resort where I could not take Oleg because of his wounds. On my back way, I thought about the Oleg’s condition and regretted that I could not help him because of lack of time.

Other day I sent to him my nurse — Almagul, replaced her on her position in a sanatorium at this time. Her duties were to cook juices for Oleg, do an enema, wipe the wounds on a birch liquor instead of Laevomecolum.

After 3 days Almagul called me and reported that injections of Gentamicin have been stopped because a normal body temperature stabilized. After one week she asked me to come urgently.

I came to visit Oleg and noticed instead pressure ulcers a new muscular tissue. Oleg looked much better. The nurse turned him, helped him to do the exercises. The spasticity decreased. Then Lena — my assistant, went on to had some yoga practice with him helped him to do meditation and breathing exercises.

He agreed to follow vegetarian diet. Then I left Almaty for a long time. Oleg has got all necessary recommendations from me. After I lost communication with them. I do not know that had happen with Oleg after. The important thing is that even in such disastrous situation it is possible to recover. The only thing is needed is not to be afraid to change everything in your life.