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Tatiana, 60 years old, height 162 cm, weight about 120 kg, obesity, elephantiasis, 30 years takes the pill for hypertension and cardiac drugs.

In 2008, she took a course of “Detox” in the Altai. She was a great lover to eat. She have not been leaving the apartment for 3 years due to less of the strength. How said that food adds the strength? Loading of her into the car took a lot of effort. We had to add some extra stairs in the house where we lived in the Altai to get her possibility to enter the house.

She worried a lot about the diet. She joked: «I am going to eat all of you if I become hungry on your vegetarian diet.» The sense of humor helped her in this disaster. On the second day, she decided to drink only juices voluntarily.

In 12 days she admitted that she was crying all third night long, but she didn’t change the decision.

On the fourth day she started to make a short walks taking a rest every 5 meters. She did yoga asana instead of taking a tablets.

In last (12th) day Tatiana was measured: the girth of her waist, hips and chest was decreased on 12 centimeters, Tatiana’s weight was decreased on 8 kg. The blood pressure returned to normal level, the heart didn’t worry. Tatiana continued to lose the weight after the seminar also.

After some time she told me how her husband was surprised then she came back to home and managed to get off the car by herself. She threw out about 1 kilogram of different expensive tablets. She started to leave the house for a walks, went shopping, visited a dentist and a beauty salon to make a hair, bought a new clothes.

Tatiana is still regularly doing yoga. Sometimes she break her diet, but in general try to follow it. Tatiana didn’t gain in weight, her health became much better. She likes to repeat: «Yoga is difficult but noble.» She told me that yoga played a main role in her life and made her feel very happy.

Obesity Information

Obesity problem simply and clearly explains the quantum theory, known ancient sages: our unconscious bodily mind (emotions) responds to subtle sensations in the body, causing the reaction of craving for pleasant and aversion to trouble.

Multiple reactions creates samskaras — the so-called binding. This emotional and intellectual model inherent in us: character, personal experiences, opinions, and actions — all forming behavior.

Samskaras create mainstream life because of them we do monotonous, out of habit, without having to think, «I need it?»

Tasty and plenty to eat — nice samskara. Result — obesity, since thyroid is disabled and loses control of metabolic processes. When trying to get rid of obesity there is a strong psychological barrier.

Here also need yogaterapiya. It helps to normalize not only physiological, but first of all mental processes.

Not everyone recovered wants to tell and show it on the internet, so in this section I will describe the most interesting and typical cases from my practice.