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Galina, 49 years old. After the illness she has had in the age of 9, her right foot did not grow It is quite less than the left one now.

We met in 1998. Galina worked as a surgical nurse. She came to me with a complaint of the shoulders, she could not sleep at night that was caused by shoulder joints arthritis.

She knew that her foot couldn’t be recovered. She just shared with me how she was tired of walking on the heel bone for 40 years and about the dream to wear heels.

We discussed it and approved the program of rehabilitation of her shoulder joints. She agreed to follow the vegetarian diet without salt, sugar, meat, fish, eggs, flour, milk. She was going to do yoga for 2 hours per day. 

In one week of following to this plan, Galina began to sleep at nights finally without pain in the shoulder joints. It was a hard work to treat Galina because all medications both internal and topical use were contraindicated to her. She could get the exercise stress doing yoga asanas only.
The exercise must be graduated and we added new asanas very carefully day by day.

In one month Galina became more slim and pretty woman. There were not any symptoms of suffering and fatigue on her face.

Galina liked to follow the vegetarian diet and tried to cook new interesting dishes to diversify her menu.

Intuition told me that her foot also could be recovered. I invited Galina for a 28 days of “Detox” program in Almaty for the treatment of the foot, explained why it was possible.

Galina agreed to visit “Detox” program after consultation with her husband. She worked very hard. It was necessary to work a lot on her spine and other joints. She has already known the asanas so it was easy to do the exercises with her.

We decided to do our best to make her foot work. We created a special stick for Galina to help her during the walks.

We started to walk with her to the slopes. We didn’t look for a trails in our way like other people, we were climbing the mountain’s slopes straight ahead. Galina fell down often, reeled to and fro like a drunken man, abused the mountains left and right for its impenetrable thickets, but rose and moved on.

She has never regretted that took a part in this actions. The dream to wear shoes in high heels has helped her to overcome obstacles. Everybody was singing the songs, making fun of each other, recollecting the work day, praising successes during the evenings.

Galina felt much better every day. In one month she come back home. In another two weeks she came to me wearing shoes with low heels.

Galina has got a new recommendations from me and in half an year she visited my lecture. She proudly has demonstrated her developed foot, which almost reached the size of the left one.

Nowadays I work with children and teenagers who recovered from poliomyelitis. If parents make their children to follow vegetarian diet they succeed in the treatment. The best way to parents to help their children is to follow the same diet.