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Recovery after stroke without drugs. There are three stories

The human physiology could be controlled with the help of our mind including cells and tissues renewal, maintaining their quality and reliability.

Why do the muscles become weak and unreliable and bones become fragile? Why do the internal parts of our body stop working in a normal way and the glial cells of the brain stop conducting their supreme functions and transform into connective tissue? Why do the blood vessels become unstable and can burst in any moment?
You cannot guess where and when the blood vessel can burst. This is a stroke. 

Excessive physical load or nervous stress, or both usually cause the stroke. But the main causative agent of a stroke is intoxication caused by improper nutrition that makes the blood vessels weak and flimsy without adaptable properties and ability to self-regulation.

Sergey is a man of 46 years old, medium height, normal weight, strong physique. In 2004, he had a stroke.

That time Sergey lived with his family on the suburb of Almaty. He was preparing the documents to moving to Russia. He practiced yogic asanas, muscle-strengthening ones generally. There was not meat in his diet, but there was a lot of bread, salt and milk. He worked as a taxi driver at and day and night time. He was under stress because of the forthcoming moving. To cope with the stress he could stay on his head for a long time and overate.

As a result was a stroke. The consequence of disease was paralysis of the left limbs and face. He was placed to intensive care department in a critical state. He was very frightened. He has reduced the amount of taking food and tried to restore the functions of paralyzed limbs. He tried to walk on paralyzed leg and tried to lift weights paralyzed hand.

Could you just imagine the mental state of a person in such trouble? He felt himself lonely and miserable.

In 2005, Sergey with his family moved to Novosibirsk. In 2006, he came to me for my “Detox” program, taking place on the Altai.

He started to follow raw foodism. He started to drink only vegetable juices that led to the strengthening of health. In one week, Sergey began to walk with a group to the mountains. His leg became stronger, his left hand started to move. I could see the noticeable improvements in his state. His blood pressure decreased almost to normal level.

After a stroke, it is necessary to follow a vegetarian diet without salt, milk, flour and sugar, and then it could lead to the completely detoxification and afterwards to the full recovery like stroke had never happened.

Gradually Sergey has mastered the special medical complexes of yoga therapy: relaxation, breathing, mudras, asanas and meditation exercises.

Sergey has visited another my “Detox” course six months later, that helped him to improve his health completely.

Sergey has passed my training course of yoga instructors and has been working in a yoga instructor position since 2008.

Stroke. History 2

Kalizhan is a man of 49 years old, medium height, with light obesity.

The Kalizhan’s body was intoxicated; his work was nervous and as a result was a stroke. He had the same the effects of stroke as Sergey: paralyzed left limbs and face. In addition, he had epileptic seizures from time to time.

His wife Saltanat got him to my course of “Detox” that took place in Almaty. She was a nurse, but she has been suffering from low blood pressure and headaches for last 20 years, which she treated with tablets of Citramonum.

They settled in theirs relatives lodging. The classes of “Detox” program took place in the hall on the 4th floor, the elevator did not work temporarily.

Kalizhan dragged his left feet, his left arm hung as a limp. He tried to do the exercises at home, but it didn’t help. His diet contained a lot of salt, meat and floury food. He took epilepsy and blood pressure medication.

A vegetarian diet was prescribed to both of them. A special menu with juices was recommended.

For the first time, it was very difficult for Kalizhan to climb up the stairs to the fourth floor. The first lessons of asana dejected him and his wife. Nevertheless, time passed and after 10 days, Saltanat forgot about her headaches, pressure bounced back.

Kalizhan stopped taking blood pressure medication after 3 days staying in the camp and started to take only a half of prescribed dosage of epilepsy medication.

He was able to go upstairs by himself without holding the handrail after some days of following “Detox” program. In the same time, he was able to lift his left hand up and to stir his fingers.

There were everyday yoga classes from 7a.m. until 1 p.m. In 10 more days, he stopped taking medicine for epilepsy. Kalizhan had an epileptic seizure at the full moon night after a one-week’s break of taking a pills, but his wife was glad that the seizure was small and short. Before, he could stay at the bed after the attack for at least 3 days, but after last attack he was able to do exercise next day.

After a 30-day passing “Detox” course they came back home to Chimkent.

We are keeping in touch now. Saltanat continues to follow vegetarian diet but sometimes she affords to break it, as to Kalizhan, he breaks the diet more often due to recommendations of his attending medical doctor. Because of this, the functions of his hand’s fingers were not restored yet. His speech became more legible, but he still has a paresis of facial muscles.

The path to a stroke. Story 3

Valentina is 70 years old tall woman with 15 kg of excess weight.

In March 2008, in Novosibirsk at 11 p.m. the woman called me. She apologized to me for a late call and introduced herself. Her name was Valentina. She was a teacher in the university. She explained me that she has just heard from her friends about my “Detox” courses and could not wait until the morning. She called herself very thick and registered for a next course of “Detox” that was going to take a place in the Altai. She also registered for this course her friend with the same problems as she had overweight, appetite, hypertension pills.

There was a strange coincidence, but I read in the newspaper «A&F» this evening the following: «The regular intake of blood pressure medication disrupts normal blood circulation of the brain and is able to cause a stroke.»

I thought about Valentine that it was a dig deal to start changing in her life.

However, Valentina could not visit next “Detox” course. Before the day of “Detox” start she called me and said that her friend had died due to a stroke. Before this disaster, she was on her workplace and took a blood pressure medication. It did not help her and she took one more dosage. After this she felt sick and died on the way to the hospital.

Valentina was going on vacation in May. In the end of April, she called me and refused of “Detox” course, explaining that she was not ready to follow a vegetarian diet.

In the end of May, Valentine called me again and told me about tragedy she was overtaken.

In first days of her vacation she was placed to the hospital with a stroke that had happen with her after the party devoted to her the holidays. In a few days, she was sent to a sanatorium for a free voucher. According to her story, she was fed there abundantly three times per day. There were meat dishes and broths in the menu. In 3 days staying in sanatorium she had a re-attack. After this she refused from further staying in sanatorium and came back home. At home she started to follow vegetarian diet at her own will.

She called me regularly after this case for almost a year, I have given her nutrition recommendations. She told me that she started to lose her weight. She complained that she couldn’t come for “Detox” because of the lack of the time. I have never seen her. Then I left to India for six months. Now I don’t know anything about Valentine but I hope that she is fine. I wish God could bless her.