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Working on multiple sclerosis problems, I ensured that it is possible to fully recover damaged spinal cord and restore the functions of paralyzed limbs even in a complicated cases. Nevertheless, both the therapist and the patient have to work hard.

I had lots cases of multiple sclerosis in my practice. Some patients have completely restored lost motor and sensor function. The positive changes in their neural tissue could be observed by the tomographic scanner. Others ones, barely starting to recover, quitted the treatment because of laziness or the habit to be disabled person. The relatives cares you, you get a disability allowance every month and there is no need to work and etс. The third ones suffered to much because of the of the need to follow a very strict diet. The fourth ones were not supported by the family members and etc.

I’ve been treating patients with spinal cord injuries till nowadays, not in the groups, but individually. It is very careful but interesting work. It is necessary to alternate active practices for body and mind with passive ones, to monitor the little changes in the patient’s condition. The nervous tissue is very sensitive. That is why it is very important to pass the treatment without gaps adding different yoga techniques regularly. Therefore, it can be said that the main principle of treatment is regularity and increasing the load. The positive changes can be noticed at the end of the first month.

The recovery of injury is possible even in many years after the accident as the energy matrix of healthy tissue is preserved and the aura was not damaged. It just must be connected with the body. All yoga practice and yoga therapy are based on the work with aura and the power of the mind. They are quite simple, but the patient needs a help because it is a human nature to simplify all the process and do only comfortable excises. Sometimes it is necessary to change all the habits, daily routine, lifestyle.

Of course, if a lazy person became a disable it could be fine for him. However, many people don’t lose the hope for recovery. They are ready to the new active life. So, if you are such a person and ready to make real efforts welcome to my courses.

I could be that we have found each other.