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The story is from a practice of yoga therapist Tatiana Marina.

Sergei, 11 years old, obesity, overweight by 12 kg. 2004.

Sergei’s mom is a doctor. The boy eat too much sweets and farinaceous food. It is difficult doing sport due to being overweight. The swimming does not help to lose a weight. 
Therefore, his mother decided to send him to me for passing the “Detox” course in Almaty Mountains. We discussed everything in advance. Sergei knew that his diet would be changed. He knew that there would be a lot of walks in the mountains, yoga exercises and other difficulties. In the second evening, Sergei, speaking to his mom by phone, started to cry, “I cannot eat this.” His mom asked him to call me and then I answered she offered me to find a psychologist for Sergei. I answered aloud to make Sergei hear me that I was his psychologist that we were going to hike with a tent to the nearest ravine for 5 days and where his appetite would be better and he would start to lose his pounds. 

We were hiking from Butakovka gorge to Talgarskoe through the pass at the altitude of 3000 meters whole day long, halting for dinner and between-meal snack. Sergei bathed in sweat and drank a water. We managed to tent before dark in the evening. Sergei acted quite quickly in spite of unpracticality to rural life. He gathered the firewood and helped to tent. He ate a porridge with a great appetite but was a little bit sad thinking about chocolate when we were drinking a tea with dried fruits. We lived in a tent for five days, visited the nearest peaks, picked up the mushrooms and berries, took a bath in mountain river, sunbathed. We were doing yoga from 7 am until 1 pm every day. Sergei managed to stretch well in spite of his obesity. There was no connection to his mother in those days so boy became calm and even efficient. He started to lose his weight. His double chin started to decrease and Sergei could be looking at it in the mirror several times a day. pants began to subside and shrink belly. He came back to our camp changed grossly. He called his mom and shared all his achievements and plans. He left a camp in a week with a weight reduced almost to a normal level.

I met Sergei in a year in hospital at ENT department. “What are you doing here” – I surprised. Later I learned that he had a surgery on the boil in the nose. He recovered but doctors continued to keep him in the hospital. Sergei had a normal weight. He told me that he learned a new asanas and visited a judo classes. He admitted that he missed the mountains. He left a camp in a week with a weight reduced almost for a normal level.
He escaped from the hospital next day. Sergei’s mom called me and declared that he became a vegetarian, that he did not eat salt and sweets. It became easier to communicate with him. The child grew up.