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Рассеянный склероз лечение йогой

Natasha, 19 years old (Ufa, Russia), was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis two years ago.

The hormones were the main part of the treatment as specific drugs: Copaxone and Infibeta. I also tried different herbs and bees treatment. The hormones were most effective. But if I started to be sick with tonsillitis (I have a chronic tonsillitis from my childhood), all results were reduced to zero. If my body temperature increased even a little my legs became paralyzed and pain in the spine appeared. 

I came to Yoga Camp in a wheelchair, I couldn’t stand on my feet. I didn’t control the fingers of the right hand, I wrote as a 5 years old child. There was the heaviness and spasticity at my legs. At the first class, I could not hold my back straight without support sitting on the yoga mat.

On the fifth day of my staying in the Yoga Camp I managed to stand up from a wheelchair propping myself against baby walker. On the 12th day I was able to make a couple steps still with the help of baby walker.

After a one month of doing yoga practice I was able to make 40 steps propping myself against baby walker. The spasticity almost disappeared. I was able to sit in Lotus posture.

Nevertheless I became to be sick with tonsillitis by the end of the course. I was treated by gargling of beet juice and decoction of herbs. I drank only lemon juice with water. Tonsillitis has gone in 3 days without drug treatment. The sensitivity of my legs decreased, but not to much, the spine was okay.

Due to the knowledge that I have received here I started to hope for full recovery. The knowledge I have got was how to take care correctly about my body.

The comment of yoga therapist:
A great achievement in the first month of Natasha’s treatment was the fact that the immune system was able to suppress the disease themselves without drugs treatment. My method of treatment of multiple sclerosis based on the principle of immune system recovery. This principle means that immunity should be reloaded and start to defend the body again. Now Natasha is continuing to recover in Yoga Camp and progressing each day.

There are 2 ways of treatment of multiple sclerosis. The first one is to postpone a disease exacerbation, that can be unpredictable. The second way is a total regeneration of the immune system and reproduction of myelin by the body’s cells themselves, that means a full recovery.