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Отзыв Ани, рассеянный склероз, йогатерапия
My name is Anna. I want to share the story of my disease, that disappointingly is called «incurable».

I learned about my illness at the end of January 2013 in 5 days after my 29th birthday. The first symptoms were double vision, staggering, weakness, visual impairment. When doctors diagnosed me, basing on MRI of the brain, I tried not to panic. The stories of friends about long-term remission made me feel more comfort. The unconfirmed information about new medicine – some kind of immunomodulator, that can help you to control the disease also gave me a hope. 

In February I was hospitalized. The symptoms of the illness disappeared after a large dosage of hormones. But the effect from the medicamentation was so short that I was placed in to another hospital in March. The hormones were prescribed to me again. They caused lots of side effects. My disease was progressing very fast and hormones didn’t cope with it. Even everyday injections of immunomodulator that I’ve been getting for 1.5 months couldn’t influence on the course of the illness. I felt myself like a 100 years old woman. I was very tired, although at the beginning of January I used to go skating and snowboarding. It was very difficult to me to get up because of the lack of energy. I could go out only with my mom’s help. While disease was increasingly progressing I began to despair.

We were praying a lot during this difficult period of time to our family. This faith gave us strength to keep holding on. I have learned about ozone therapy, non-pharmacological method of treatment. I decided to try this method. Ozone must be injected intravenous in small dosages. My health started to improve after first application and I felt much better. The desire to go out appeared. I started interesting in things around me. I enjoyed warm weather, birds singing and beauty of flowers walking in the park. The hope to recover appeared. At the same time I have revised my attitude to the food I eat. I decided to refuse from animal protein. Soon I was able to drive my car. I felt myself well not all the time. Sometimes some of the symptoms came back.

I realized that I had to work very hard to overcome my illness. Surfing the internet I have the blog of Tatyana Alekseevna Marina. I have read that it was possible to restore nrmal function of the immune system and to make own cells produce myelin. The special diet, yoga exercises, sun energy and other natural factors could help it. I am very greatfull to Tatyana Denisova who we started to mail before my journey to Detox program, to my friend Tatyana who agreed to go to Thailand with me, and to other people who helped me on my way to recover.

Finally, I arrived to yoga camp, to this paradise on the seashore, surrounded with the blooming gardens, fragrance of flowers and the birds’ songs.

The most important part of treatment for me was yoga practice and seminars. I have learned that our emotions caused our illnesses. I recollected that before the illness I have felt negative emotions. Pranayama and meditation helped me to feel myself balanced and calm. Asanas made me stronger and self-confident, helped me to cope with pain. I realized that my body could treat itself. I just needed to follow correct diet and keep myself calm.

I am going to follow this way to control my emotions to keep my body in shape.

I am very sad that my staying in Thailand went to the end. But for me it was only the beginning. I am definitely sure that we will meet with Tatyana Alekseevna again. I am very grateful to her.