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Spinal Compression Fracture Treatments with Yoga Therapy

Daniel is 13 years old boy. In October 2010, he fell on his back was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “compression fracture of the spine.” It was identified via X-ray that the three thoracic vertebra has been damaged. In fact, it is a quite common injury, which can get not enough attention and can cause quite serious effects.

Daniel has got a prescription to wear a corset all the time and to stay studying at home. To sit and to do sport was forbidden for him for six months. His parents ordered a corset but Daniel has never put on. (далее…)

Poliomyelitis eradication with Yoga Therapy

Galina, 49 years old. After the illness she has had in the age of 9, her right foot did not grow It is quite less than the left one now.

We met in 1998. Galina worked as a surgical nurse. She came to me with a complaint of the shoulders, she could not sleep at night that was caused by shoulder joints arthritis.

She knew that her foot couldn’t be recovered. She just shared with me how she was tired of walking on the heel bone for 40 years and about the dream to wear heels.

We discussed it and approved the program of rehabilitation of her shoulder joints. She agreed to follow the vegetarian diet without salt, sugar, meat, fish, eggs, flour, milk. She was going to do yoga for 2 hours per day.  (далее…)

Multiple sclerosis, treatment without drugs

I started to work carefully on this diagnosis on late 90th in the resort in Almaty’s mountains. Now I can confidently say that multiple sclerosis is curable disease. Moreover, the human body is able to cope with it without using medicaments. There is no need to interfere in the body’s work. The strength of will and physical efforts only are needed. There is a huge potential in human body that is able to cope with almost any disease.

My basic methods of treatment are a special vegetarian diet, yoga practice (asanas, meditation, pranayama, mudras), sunlight and other natural factors.  (далее…)

Recovery after stroke without drugs. There are three stories

Recovery after stroke without drugs. There are three stories

The human physiology could be controlled with the help of our mind including cells and tissues renewal, maintaining their quality and reliability.

Why do the muscles become weak and unreliable and bones become fragile? Why do the internal parts of our body stop working in a normal way and the glial cells of the brain stop conducting their supreme functions and transform into connective tissue? Why do the blood vessels become unstable and can burst in any moment?
You cannot guess where and when the blood vessel can burst. This is a stroke.  (далее…)

Herniated disk. Complete recovery through yoga

Herniated disk. Complete recovery through yoga

Йогатерапия от грыжи позвоночных дисков
Larisa, 43 years old, Novosibirsk.

When Larissa applied me for consultation, she looked like a 55 years old woman. She was stout and lightly limping. As I learned after, she had a diagnosis of herniated disk and low back pain. Her hernia was not very big – 8mm, but it was so poor located that Larissa could not walk, sit, even lie without pain. The issue about disability and urgent surgery was being considered.  (далее…)